Monday, 11 February 2013

A quick lesson in how to get someone's attention - in the right way

I long bemoan the boring emails and communications I get from digital and creative agencies trying to sell their creative services and skills in what, to be honest is in the most dull and boring manner.  Emails of ridiculous proportions explaining their USP and attaching a 'creds' documents.  Not very creative.

I have already received several this morning - two to note but for very different reasons.

1 A mailing from a digital agency - quite lively creatively. A see through outer, interesting format, an offer of a free hour session - all good. But the the one thing that may make me more likely to actually get in touch at some point was the letter.  At the bottom handwritten in nice black pen were the words 'Hope all well post ActionAid.'

Now I have never worked with them before - I don't I know the Managing Partner signing the letter as far as I can recall - but I can honestly say that I appreciate the fact that they took the time to find out about me, the person they are writing to.  Simple as that.  Obviously it is a sales communication and I don't have the same expectations for personalisation as I would from a charity I support for example - so what I said here - still stands.  However, this actually set them apart.  And that is a good thing.

2 By stark contrast I received an email from an agency - telling me that they were not going to do the usual stuff (in an attempt to be different) and be 'to the point'. Great - love directness.  They then eventually go on to list some of their clients.  One of which was ActionAid. And I do recall them, though I never worked with them directly. 

There in lies the difference.  It is the small things that can get your attention. For good and not so good reasons.  Even more noticeable when your competitors are doing it better.

Thanks as ever for stopping by.

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