Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The power of a donor promise

I was compelled to write this because in the current uncertain charity environment, I think anything that shows the positive impact that focusing on the donor and giving them a choice has, is worth sharing.

We recently sent out a mailing to people not currently donating to Sense - asking for £15 to support Sense's work with children who are deafblind.  On the back of the donation form was our supporter promise - headlined as  'Our Promise to you' - on which a kind donor had written the following: 

'I was going to give you £15 but when I saw this promise (I've never seen it before from anyone!), I decided to give you more!! But only write to me once a year.'

Donor promises are now ever present, and they have now become an integral part of many charity communications. For us it is now a standing element on all communications, whether to existing donors or to those we are looking to attract support from, so I think the fact that the donor hadn't seen it anywhere before is just our fortune. That being said the incredibly kind donor actually donated £100 in the end with the promise of the same each year. Amazing.

So if you think the Donor Promise is just words to our donors, it is clear they are not. I know we are taking them seriously as charities - and we need to ensure that we keep those promises - but there is something really heartening to see it having such a positive impact.

Thanks as ever for stopping by.

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