Monday, 24 September 2012

What do you care..?

At the recent Institute of Fundraising Digital Conference 2012, I was struck by what was a totally media neutral thought 'Why should I care?'

What sparked this was an interesting story from Clive Sandle from a small Leeds based charity called Simon on the Streets   who is working hard to help the homeless people of Yorkshire.  They have executed some really interesting and impressive campaigns to raise awareness so do take the time to take a look at their story here.

Clive explained a conversation with a potential donor who asked him to 'tell me why I care' - the inference was of course that the person didn't care or understand why he should - but he was willing to be convinced.  And he was.

Why I liked it, is that it takes the concept of the elevator pitch to a different level. This was about another person asking not what your charity does - but why should they care about what it does and who it helps.  The answer to which relies on:
  • Understanding who is asking - your audience
  • Understanding their motivations for asking and also giving
  • Understanding their value systems - they could have a predetermined view of the cause which in itself could be a barrier that needs to be overcome.
And requires from the charity an authentic, tailored, jargon free response.

So the next time someone asks you what x, y, or z does, instead of launching into your elevator pitch - look at them as an individual and ask yourself 'why should they care?'  And tell them.  I think looking at it in those terms could make what you say even more powerful. 

It could also be a useful point to consider in your creative briefs so as well as 'barriers to giving' maybe include 'why should they care?' as a heading - if it does nothing else, it will definitely focus the mind.

Thanks as ever for stopping by.