Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The devil is in the detail

saw this train ad the other day from First Direct - I can't quite recall the offer as I filtered it out as not being relevant.  But I actually quite liked this bit.

The reason? That it utilised the small print.  If you can't see it easily, it starts with 'Still with us? Good for you.'  Do I like the message not particularly.  The tone is not quite right.  But it did make me smile may be because I am the kind of person who does read the small print.

Now this may sound odd - as small print is perceived as hiding away the parts of the deal that you don't want people to see or use to influence their decision making.  But may be we should start to utilise it more in our creative. Openly.

Why do we need small print at all?  Well because we often need to put quite a lot in a small space - but creatively we could use it better and encourage people to read it. 

I said it may sound odd.  But really, do we want to get to a point where people feel misled or annoyed by what we are NOT clearly telling them?  I don't. I think we may get better support if we are clearer about what's next for our supporters and potential supporters and start to manage the expectations better.  Just a thought.

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