Saturday, 2 August 2014

When things get personal

Personalisation can and should by a key element of supporter communications - I say can be, as sometimes in an attempt to let supporters know that we know them, its use can sometimes be likened to a hammer cracking a nut. Heavy handed.

That is why I wanted to share this example. Because personally, and that is what it is about ultimately, I like how I CAN, the charity that help children communicate, have done it.

Simply. It fits with the actual creative of the pack - which opens with

"Can't was never a word I was prepared to accept when I was fighting for my son to get the support he needed to learn to speak."  A honest, heartfelt account of a mother's fight for her son.  And goes on to explain how I CAN has transformed their lives.

It is putting me at the heart of the solution for other families who may need I CAN in the future both in terms of the design and the narrative.

My name was used only once - not a hundred times unnecessarily. Back to my hammer and nut point above.

The negative is that the variable text was in a different colour to the letter - which is a shame but I assume a production or budget limitation and not one that I will hold against them.

So, can I support their work with another gift? Yes, I CAN.

Thanks as ever for stopping by.